A Walk in Other’s Shoes is returning to this year’s Week of Action Against Poverty. This challenge is being undertaken by individuals in the community who have interests within the health field. Participants have been asked to attempt to stay within a social assistance benefits’ budget. A single person on Ontario Works would receive $337 monthly for all of their personal needs and $384 for all of their shelter costs. Because participants cannot replicate the housing conditions realistically, shelter costs are not included within this challenge. For the five day challenge, participants will have $11 daily to cover all food and drink, entertainment, some personal supplies and transportation costs. Each day, every participant will be given a challenge card which will reveal an unexpected challenge to be completed before the end of the day.

A Walk in Other’s Shoes is not a competitive challenge. It is a challenge that raises awareness of the hurdles that people living on social assistance face daily. As we within our community develop our own understanding, we can begin to reduce the barriers that they encounter and ultimately increase opportunities for increased prosperity for all. The challenge takes place February 10th-14th, 2018.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

I failed todays mission....
    My challenge was actually that i needed to do laundry and i didnt have a washer my plan was to do a bathtub wash tonight of two or three articles of clothing..
  But truth has it i brought my daughter home and although i was trying to avoid the lice plague at her school by applying tea tree to her locks ... she still managed to get it! I had to rush to the pharmasave and purchase a 23.00 lice shampoo kit and load every article of clothing into the wash cycles.... reducing my time and efforts for my challenge to not have a washer.....
The truth of the matter is.... this would be a horrible reality if i couldnt deal with it in this way. When i dealt with the * pretend bed bugs it seemed so much more simple by bagging my own items and throwing them outside and bleaching everything.
Here is a real life problem that needs tending to. And all bedding all clothes jackets hats and pillows need to be dealt with by washing not cold air in this case. rather than mybown things alone .... my whole family had to take part.
Whst If i didnt have the 23 to get the shampoo and what if i didnt have my own washer in our apartment!? Im really thinking right now and feeling slightly embarrassed that todays challenge was washing and my solution to do my own laundry in the bathtub literally would be an all night affair for all of us.
Thanks be to god.

I spent the day preparing with and taking part in the speeches at the fellowship today on poverty.
A woman with a very bad food i have seen hobbling around for days shows distress she has an appt at the hospital but has no method of transportation.  This is a common issue with patrons; being able to arrive at appointments for serious issues.
   I have on several occasions supplies rides to our fellowship for various reasons.
  Even travel to a longer term detox centre in winnipeg.
   With a small emergency like lice i dont even know half the battle of executing an attempt to deal with a health problem without transportation and or money . How can a person with a walker or severe disabilityor injury get to the appointments to get better without supports??
   Today one of the speakers spoke about how he needed a support tohelp him and we were introduced to his support; he went onto to explaining that we are all brothers and sisters made equal by the creator that we need to start reaching out and helping others and even accepting help if thats our position.

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