A Walk in Other’s Shoes is returning to this year’s Week of Action Against Poverty. This challenge is being undertaken by individuals in the community who have interests within the health field. Participants have been asked to attempt to stay within a social assistance benefits’ budget. A single person on Ontario Works would receive $337 monthly for all of their personal needs and $384 for all of their shelter costs. Because participants cannot replicate the housing conditions realistically, shelter costs are not included within this challenge. For the five day challenge, participants will have $11 daily to cover all food and drink, entertainment, some personal supplies and transportation costs. Each day, every participant will be given a challenge card which will reveal an unexpected challenge to be completed before the end of the day.

A Walk in Other’s Shoes is not a competitive challenge. It is a challenge that raises awareness of the hurdles that people living on social assistance face daily. As we within our community develop our own understanding, we can begin to reduce the barriers that they encounter and ultimately increase opportunities for increased prosperity for all. The challenge takes place February 10th-14th, 2018.

Monday, February 12, 2018

Monday feb 12- 9 am
Today is the first day to engage in work while taking on this challenge, since where I work serves  lunch I will be able to participate in the meal with them, as well as discover where the rest of the food is served throughout the week, along with taking part in having a meal here I can see what kind of nutrition is available for people facing the challenge everyday,

Its an extreme cold warning today -40
people with walkers, wheelchairs and major disabilities are making their way from the emergency shelter to the only place in town that they can seek shelter

I sat with some of the patrons for coffee this morning, they are required to leave the shelter by 8 am every morning, so everyone makes their way down to the fellowship Center where a movie, hot beverages and breakfast for them in the morning .Hot cereal is served in a huge pot and bowls of sugar and milk are on the side. coffee is free here and served all day.
A gentleman in a wheel chair is here, tea tree in hand, he expresses that tea tree is his favorite medicine to use, when dealings with sanitation, bug repellent, in the winter this man lives in the bush, but for now in the winter it is too cold.
another patron i decided to chat with; expresses that he wasn't always homeless that he had a really great place on the hill, but fell into acoma for 3 months....he woke up and no longer had a place to live and all his possessions were gone. for 2 years now he had to use emergency shelters because finding a place in Kenora is near impossible, this man also has a walker and a severe low back injury from the incident in which he still has no idea as to what happened.

its a wake up call, taking part in the poverty challenge is one thing, but learning how and why people are in the situation is another

Below are the kitchens within Kenora that serve, I will take part in at least one of these kitchens 

Agape Table
Knox Church,116 - 5th Avenue South
Dates of Operation: Meal provided Sept - May  11:00 am - 12:00 pm
Contact: Agency
Helping Hands
Jubilee Church of God, 215 First Street South
Dates of Operation: Meal Provided 5:00 pm - 5:30 pm Mon & Tues all year long 
Contact: Cindy Peloquin
Emergency Food Access
Salvation Army, 104 Matheson Street
Dates of Operation: Emergency food once a month, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, 2:00 pm - 3:30 pm
Contact: Agency

Emergency Food Access
Jubilee Church of God, 215 First Street South
Dates of Operation: Sunday Meal 1:00 pm - 1:30 pm all year long
Contact: Frank Kowal
807-468-5297 or 468-5008
Emergency Food Access
Jubilee Church of God, 215 First Street South
Dates of Operation: Saturday & Sunday Supper 5:00 pm Oct - March
Contact: Frank Kowal
807-468-5297 or 468-5008
Emergency Food Access
Fellowship Centre, 208 Water Street
Dates of Operation: Emergency food access with supervisors approval
Summer hours: Soup Kitchen May 22 - September 4 at 1:30 pm every day except Sundays
September 5 - Christmas: Monday, Wednesday and 

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